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      This necklace is adjustable and can be manipulated to wear at different lengths.

      Materials Sterling Silver + Resin 
      Dimensions Pendant: 1.9cm H x 1.8cm W x 0.9cm D (approx.)
      Chain length Can be adjusted to 16", 18" and 20" in length.

      This necklace is adjustable and is designed to be adjusted while worn, with the wearer's neck acting as part of a pulley system. The small sprocket that dangles at the bottom of the necklace is a functional element. Pull the chain below the pendant to shorten, and pull the chain above the pendant to lengthen. The necklace is self-locking when hanging. To adjust, you must pull to the sides to release for lengthening or shortening. 

      The black roller chain used in the SPROCKET COLLECTION is made of an industry grade resin (plastic). This material is designed to be used in small machinery. The industrial strength quality of the chain makes it an ideal alternative to the everyday jewellery chain. The chain has a degree of flexibility, allowing the wearer the option to open the links in the chain. Sections of chain can be added or removed, enabling the chain to be worn at different lengths. This feature compliments the adjustable design of the necklaces (e.g.: if you shorten the length of the necklace using the pulley system, you can remove the extra portion of chain). 

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