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Four steps to help you start your creative journey

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Every custom design starts with a bit of inspiration. If you have collected ideas from your own research, this material is a helpful starting point to bring with you to your initial consultation for visual reference. If you aren't sure where to start, no problem! Heather will help to guide you through your options. Here are a few design aspects to consider in preparation for a custom design consultation.

Shape + Silhouette: Is there a certain shape that best suits you or the person you are creating for? Silhouette options for rings include solitaire, halo, multi-stone/cluster, and band. 

Style + Concept: Identify some elements of personal style. If you are designing a special piece for someone else, take note of any jewellery and fashion items they currently wear. Are they a traditionalist? Do they gravitate towards a vintage vibe, or would you consider them to be more modern? Delicate or bold? Symmetrical or asymmetrical? This will help to narrow down the range of choices.

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Next, you'll want to consider what the piece will be made of. Custom jewellery designs are made in gold or platinum. You can choose from a variety of karats and colours of metal including yellow, white, or rose gold.

Finding the perfect gemstone will influence the entire design of a custom piece. With access to suppliers of stones from all over the world, Heather can source you the perfect gem. There is so much beauty to be found in coloured gems! Some of Heather's favourite gems are sapphires, a perfect option for everyday rings, and they are available in every colour of the rainbow.

If diamonds are more your style, Heather can source a classic white with GIA certification, or a more modern colour like grey, black or salt and pepper.

Consider what stone shape and cut you are drawn to: oval, pear, round, rose, cushion, emerald, or marquise.

During your initial consultation, you will discuss stone preferences. A follow up appointment will be scheduled after the first meeting to select your stone, allowing for time to hunt for the perfect one!

If you have an heirloom stone, or old gold jewellery you are looking to recycle, make sure to bring these materials to your first consultation for inspection. 

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You should have a general sense of what you would like to spend on your custom piece. Material choices like gemstone colour or diamond carat weight often inform pricing. No matter your financial requirements, Heather works with projects and budgets both big and small to create a special piece that will last a lifetime.

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After meeting with Heather, the process of designing your custom jewellery begins. Because each project is unique, design steps may vary. Designing generally starts with a few initial hand-drawn sketches for you to select. When you approve your preferred design, then a 3-d digital rendering is created to provide you with a strong visual sense of your design from all angles. You also have the option to see a wax model of the design before it is cast in metal.

To begin the design stage for your custom project, a deposit will be required. Deposit amounts are customized based on your project, and you can discuss options during your design consultation.

Once you have completed all the stages of design, the rest of the magic is in Heather's hands to build your uniquely meaningful jewellery to sparkling perfection! Project timeframes are dependant on the complexity of the design. Typically, 8 - 10 weeks or more are required to complete a custom design.

Now for the really exciting part: starting your journey! Book an appointment, or if you have a few questions you need answered first, get in touch here.